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Product Catalog
Download and view the Audio/Visual, Photographic & Entertainment Catalog.
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Catalog Pages:
Pages 14-18   - Solid State LED (LED Strings, U-Led, DLS & FLS lighting system)
Pages 19-24   - Incandescent - Projection (Double Contact Bayonet, Mogul, 4-Pin, Medium Prefocus, Single Contact Prefocus)
Pages 25-28   - Incandescent - Photographic Enlarger, Photo Flood (Medium Screw), Entertainment & Photographic Flash Lamp Cross Reference
Pages 29-32  - Quartz Halogen Double Ended (Recessed Single Contact, R7s-12)
Pages 33-34  - Quartz Halogen Double Ended (Recessed Single Contact, R7s-18, RX7s)
Pages 35-41  - Tungsten Halogen Single Ended - Low Voltage Bi-Pin & Bayonet
Pages 42-48  - Halogen Bi-Pin, Halogen Prefocus Bayonet, Single Ended Screw
Pages 49-51  - Tungsten Halogen Single Ended - Mogul Bipost, Medium Screw, Mogul Screw
Pages 52-55  - Tungsten Halogen Reflector (MR8, MR11, & MR13 Reflector)
Pages 56-59  - Tungsten Halogen Reflector (MR16, MR14 & MR18 Reflector)
Pages 60-64  - Tungsten Halogen Reflector MR16 (Eurostar, Eurostar Reflekto, Eurostar IR, Eurosaver)
Pages 65-68  - Tungsten Halogen (MR16 Reflector - Specialty Dichroic Coatings - Whitestar & Popstar, Fiberline, JDR), Parabolic Aluminized Reflector - PAR 46, 56 & 64
Pages 69  - Fluorescent Blacklight Blue - T5, T8, T10, Compact
Pages 70-75  - Colored MH - Colorlite, Single & Double Ended,Compact MH - Eurospot, UV Metal Halide - MHL (Double Ended), Metal Halide - UMI & SMH(Double Ended), Metal Halide - UMR, USD, & USR (Single Ended), MHR
Pages 76-78  - Xenon Short Arc UXL
Pages 79  - Xenon & EmArc lamps for Followspots & Searchlights
Pages 80-82  - Lamp specs and abbreviations, Lamp Safety & Handling
Pages 86  - Sockets
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Specification on catalog is subject to change without notice.
Product Catalog
Download and view the General Lighting Catalog.
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Catalog Pages:
Pages 10-35 - LED Downlight Retrofit kit, LED MR16, LED PAR, LED PAR38, LED BR, LED T8, LED Decorative Candle/Globe, LED A19, LED JC, LED S14
Pages 36-43 - Linear Fluorescent - Ultra 5 T5, Ultra 8 T8, Long life T8 XL, Energy-Saving T8, Ultra 8 U-Bend, Ultra 5000 T10
Pages 44-51 - Compact Fluorescent - Coilight & Coilight Reflector, Amalgam DE & TE, Ultra-S/SE, Ultra D/DE, Ultra T/TE, Ultra-L
Pages 52-61 - Quartz Halogen (Single & Double Ended), Halogen Low Voltage (Bi-Pin & Bayonet), Xenon Bi-Pin, Tungsten Halogen (Bi-Pin & Bayonet), Krypton, Mini Candelabra, Halogen Prefocus Bayonet
Pages 62-85 - Halogen (MR8, MR11, MR11 Eurostar Reflekto, MR16 Eurostar, Eurostar Reflekto, Eurostar IR, Eurosaver, Ultraline, Ultraline Titan, Superline, Superline Reflekto, Whitestar, Specialty Dichroic Coatings, Softline, Frostline, JDR, Pro-Star)
Pages 86-91- Halogen (Eco Plus PAR, PAR36, PAR56, PAR64)
Pages 92-95- Incandescent Ultra Service Sign, Miniature Xenon
Pages 96-107- HID - High Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide Single Ended - UMH, Pulsestrike, Ultra-Arc, UHI Euroflood, UHI Eurospot, Ceramique, Colorlite, Aquarium MH, MHR)
Pages 108 - Lamp Sockets
Pages 110-114- Glossary of Terms
Pages 115-116 - Safety & Handling, Lamp Reference
Pages 117-120 - Lamp References - Filament Types, Base Types, Annual Energy Cost Calculation Worksheet

Specification on catalog is subject to change without notice.
Featured Products Brochure
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Product Brochure
Brochure Pages:
Pages 2-4 - Metal Halide & Mercury Lamps - MHL
Page 5 - Quartz Halogen Lamps - J, JP, JPD
Page 6 - Xenon / Quartz Infrared Heater Lamps - UXL, QIH
Page 7 - Pulse Xenon Lamps - UPX
Product Catalog

Product Brochure
Download and view the Scientific-Medical Brochure.


Page 1-4 - Sōlarc®, Xenon & Mercury, Incandescent, Halogen, VAC Ceramic Xenon, EmArc®
Featured Product Flyer
Download and view the Scientific-Medical Featured Product Flyer
Product Catalog
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