Uphoria™ 2 LED BR lamps provide energy saving, professional accent lighting with soft, glare-free illumination that’s perfect for any surface.

These dimmable R20, BR30 and BR40 LED lamps are designed in the classic shape of incandescent reflector lamps, but offer modern quality solid state illumination. The Uphoria 2 LED BR lamps are direct replacements for standard incandescent lamps offering significant energy savings and with a 25,000 hour life rating, lasting 10 times longer than the standard incandescent lamp life.

All Uphoria 2 LED BR are 120V Warm White (2700K & 3000K), Wide Flood lamps. They are available in 7W R20, 8.5W & 10W BR30, and 12W & 17W BR40 types.


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