With the form, fit and function of traditional halogen MR16 lamps, the 6W Uphoria™ 2 LED MR16 lamps are light-weight with a smooth reflector design and provide 80-85% savings on energy costs. These dimmable LED MR16 lamps are damp location rated, and are available in Narrow Flood beam spreads.

Uphoria 2 LED MR16 lamps also have a special thermal design that allows air to flow through the inside and outside of the lamp and over the heat sink to maintain proper thermal management of the LEDs. This maintains a quality light output while ensuring long life. This unique air flow design cools the lamp without the use of unappealing heat sink fins or expensive and energy consuming internal fans.

Ushio America is proud to stand behind these LED lamps with a 3-year limited warranty. All Uphoria 2 LED MR16 lamps operate on 12V with a Warm White (3000K) color temperature.


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