Excited About Light!

Today there are many reasons for people in the lighting industry to be less than optimistic or excited. Tariffs, disruptive technologies, increasing regulatory costs along with decreasing profitability, competitive pressures, short product life cycles, inventory risks etc. etc. etc.
With all this negativity in our industry today why in the world would Ushio America be excited about light? It’s simple, Imagination and Drive.
Ushio America imagines the full spectrum of possibilities light can create to make the world a safer and better place. Then we drive these solutions forward and take great pride in the benefits these solutions provide.
Whether those innovations are light sources and devices that improve disinfection and prevent infections, improve semiconductor manufacturing to speed technology, enhance the theater experience and provide people an escape, save energy and reduce our carbon footprint, improve security by providing a better lighted environment or any of the hundreds of other Ushio solutions, we’re making a difference.
In our Architectural Lighting group we see the market moving at the fastest pace in history. Changes are happening every day and we’re changing along with it.
Thomas Edison’s commercialization of light started a revolution which created power grids, changed lifestyles and gave birth to an industry. Solid state lighting (LED’s) gave birth to the modern era of light and has opened up new horizons which are still only beginning to be explored.
Ushio America’s Architectural Lighting group and Ushio as a whole is proud to be a champion of the future of lighting. We’ve navigated the transition from a light source company to a solutions provider. We’ve become a “one stop shop” solutions provider for business-to-business lighting, associated products and services.  From lasers to LEDs, from projection to infection prevention, from lamps to fixtures, Ushio is excited about light!!!