Ushio introduces a full line of professional-grade lamps to promote vegetative growth and flowering as well as an electrolyzed water system that allows growers and farmers to produce a highly-effective spray solution to treat and prevent plant diseases on-site.

Ushio’s HiLUX GRO™ professional-grade grow lights promote enhanced vegetative growth and flowering. Made in Germany by ISO9001 certified facility, these lamps are made to assure consistency in quality and optimized for high performance. The Hilux Gro series consists of single-ended and double-ended HPS (High Pressure Sodium) and MH (Metal Halide) lamps as well as the new LEC/CMH (Ceramic Metal Halide) lamp types designed for open-rated fixtures.

The NaOClean™ Electrolyzed Water (E-Water) System reduces the use of synthetic chemical disinfectants and preservatives. It is an alternative technology that can potentially suppress microbial growth without damaging the environment. The NaOClean E-Water System can provide significant cost savings and a safer working environment compared with chemical controls currently used for plant protection.